Using Help Viewer Redirector

The help viewer needs to make a change to the registry to make the application the target for ms-xhelp requests. To do this you need to run the HelpViewerRedirector.exe as an administrator (see below)

Installing Help Viewer Redirector

To install the application right click on the application and select run as administrator.

You will be notified that the registry has been changed


Uninstalling Help Viewer Redirector

To revert the changes made to the registry by the help viewer just run the HelpViewerRedirector.exe as an administrator


Changes to the registry

On running for the first time the application makes the following changes

changes to the path of the HelpViewerRedirector.exe

changes to the value HelpViewerRedirector

previous values of these keys are stored in a backup value.


Downloading books online

To download the HelpViewer 1.0 booksonline for use with HelpViewer 2.0 and 2.1 run the application with the parameter download

HelpViewerRedirector.exe download


Administrator privileges

To install or uninstall you need to run the application as an administrator.


If you don’t you will get the following error



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